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Gingerbread waffles

Gingerbread waffles

Confession: I like to collect cookie cutters. I have my mom’s vintage copper cookie cutters and I always have to resist the urge to pick up more cookie cutters. I love the all the cute shapes. Here’s the thing: I dislike cutting cookies out and I’m too lazy to decorate them.

For the last couple of years I’ve wanted to make gingerbread cookies. But I never get around to it. So I thought gingerbread waffles would be a good compromise. These are from the Bon Apetite cookbook. The recipe gives these waffles an extra kick using chopped candied ginger which I really liked. I had a hard time getting them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside in my waffle maker. If I set it too high, the outside would get crispy but also partially burnt.

Overall, I don’t think this will make it to my list of repeat worthy recipes, but it was a nice change from the regular waffles I usually make.

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Marion Cunningham's waffles

Celebrating my friend’s birthday early as I will be in Paris, we did brunch on my balcony with the nice summer weather (finally!).

These waffles are Marion Cunningham’s from The Cake Bible. They’re crisp and very very light. It’s a yeasted waffle so you make them the night before and let it rise. Works well for me because that means I do less work and more sleeping in.

If you want light and crisp waffles, definitely go with this one. For a slightly crisp and fluffy waffle, the buttermilk waffles in the book is the recipe you should use.

Recipe here.

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Sunday brunch with Friends

Outdoor space

I invited the neighbour friends over for Sunday brunch on the balcony. The balcony is covered and big enough to accommodate a large group which is great if it’s raining lightly outside. Of course, it was torrential down pouring so we did an indoor brunch instead.

I wish I took pictures, but everyone was busy eating and having a good time. I made a double batch of the buttermilk waffles from the Cake Bible and thought for sure there would be leftovers…I must’ve made 20 or so. Everything disappeared! The waffles seemed extra tasty this time around. I think because I used buttermilk instead of using milk with vinegar like I usually do. They were a lot lighter that R managed to eat five of them. I also reduced the butter to 180g instead of 227. I liked them this way but near the end I noticed the waffles started to stick to the waffle plates.

Of course once brunch was over the sun finally came out again.


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Sunday brunch

Buttermilk waffles

Weekends are for getting up late. Usually breakfast happens closer to 1pm than 11am. Usually R is in charge of making breakfast. He rummages through the cupboards to find what random stuff can be thrown in eggs. Whenever I want something special like pancakes or crepes, I’ll step up and make breakfast. This time it was waffles.

I decided to make the buttermilk waffles from The Cake Bible. There is an errata in the equipment section, along with the waffle iron you will need a defibrillator. The recipe calls for (brace yourself) 16 tablespoons of butter (227g). The first time I made the recipe with the full amount and the batter had a butter pool on top of it. I dialed down the butter to 200g (I was planning on using less, but laziness got to me and I dumped the rest of my leftover butter), but I think for next Sunday brunch with our neighbours I will bring it down some more. My heart just can’t take it.

The waffles are very crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There is enough butter in this to not need anymore on the waffles. Even Beranbaum says “Please, no more butter!” in her notes section.

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My new love

Waffles for breakfast

Waffles with peach preserves from the future father-in-law and crème fraîche

Movie Man and I got a gift card to Williams-Sonoma as an engagement present from our lovely friends. Instead of using it on something practical such as a blender or a food processor, we used it on a waffle maker. I have to admit that we’ve probably used this waffle maker more than we would use a blender or food processor. I love making a batch of waffles and then freezing them ready to be put into the toaster for a quick breakfast. I’ve worked my way through the recipe book and I’ve also made seasonal waffles (pumpkin with cardamom — yum!).

The waffle iron is awesome with the catch tray and it beeps whenever it’s ready. The waffles come out nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Even the Aunt Jemima mix came out great when all I did was add water (I know, blasphemy, but I brought it along to our friend’s cottage and I wanted something simple).

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