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Vegan with a Vengeance: Review

BBQ pomegranate sauce

It’s about time I talked about this book. Now I want to make it clear that I am not vegan nor vegetarian. But I love cook books and I love having options. I like that I can make a dish that everyone would be able to eat. I don’t think I would have picked up this book if I didn’t do the Veggie Challenge awhile back that introduced me to tasty dishes I would have missed out on.

This book is one of my most used cooking books. It’s been well used before Movie Man decided on a mostly vegetarian diet. As a meat eater, I love the recipes in here and everyone else who has tried the food from this book. My favourites are the carrot bisque, pumpkin muffins, Asian tofu, and the pancakes always come out nice and fluffy. If Movie Man requests a food to make, 90% of the time it’s from this book. There aren’t many pictures in this book which isn’t a problem if you check out all the pictures in their forum or on Flickr.

I finally decided to make the BBQ Pomegranate tofu from this book which uses pomegranate molasses (can also be called a glaze). I didn’t have any difficulty finding the pomegranate molasses, what I had trouble finding was the liquid smoke. This is a key player for that BBQ sauce flavour. This sauce is sweet and tangy and more importantly, absolute amazing! I put more molasses than called for in the recipe to sweeten it up a bit. Movie Man is already asking when I’ll be making this sauce again and has suggested bringing a jar of this for his next family’s bbq.

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