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Sushi 930

I think I’ve found a sushi place near me that is delicious, fresh, and not horribly expensive. Oh, and it’s mostly a take out joint too.

I had heard good things about Sushi 930 and as it’s close by, I wanted to try it out. The restaurant itself has a few tables, but the main purpose of this place is for take out. While it is on the pricier side for sushi, you can tell you’re paying for quality.

Here’s what was ordered:

Sushi #8 with whatever is fresh that day:

Sushi 930

Sushi-tsuki: tuna, salmon, white fish, yellow tail, crab, shrimp + California roll, cucumber roll + spicy salmon hand roll

Sushi 930

I also have an addiction to unagi so I got the Dragon roll (shrimp, tempura bits, avocado, cucumber + eel & avocado on top):

Sushi 930

All items were excellent, but the hamachi (yellow tail) definitely stood out as a favourite. It’s the type of fish that will melt in your mouth and even won the heart of R. This place is on my favourites list and I’ll definitely be frequenting it more often.

Sushi 930
930 King Street West
Toronto, ON

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Toronto Cupcake Meetup

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

On Twitter I saw a tweet about a Toronto cupcake meetup at The Drake Hotel that Cupcakes Take The Cake was throwing. I immediately sent an e-mail to rsvp. Then I remembered how shy I am. Was this a good idea?

I overcame my shyness (maybe all that sugar helped?) and had an absolute blast! Everyone there was super nice and friendly and I got to meet Juanita from Sweet Things, someone whose blog and twitter I follow. Juanita brought the cutest cupcakes

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

We We got to sample 4 different flavours: vanilla with a homemade marshmallow, coconut, pistachio cupcake with lavender frosting, and a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and edible gold leaf sprinkled on top.

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

It was interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the cupcakes. A majority of people liked the vanilla cupcake, but I thought it was too sweet for my tastes. My favourite of the bunch was the coconut cupcake. This was surprising for me as it was the one I least wanted to try. I’m not a big fan of coconut at all, other than coconut cream pie. This cupcake tasted like coconut cream pie! It had a huge pile of coconut frosting bathed with shredded coconut and hidden in the cupcake was a custard filling. Delicious! The chocolate cupcake would be good for a lover of dark bitter chocolate. It was incredibly rich and the frosting looked like a sour cream chocolate ganache. The pistachio and lavender one was my second favourite out of the bunch.

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

Before I didn’t know what the appeal was with cupcakes, but I get it now. For me it’s like a mini cake where you can try different flavours in bite sized amounts. If you’re ordering a cupcake, you don’t have to commit to ordering an entire cake.

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

Toronto Cupcake Meetup

Big thanks to Cupcakes Take the Cake for setting this up. It was awesome meeting Rachel and everyone who was there!

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Delicious Day

Sunday was filled with GREAT food. I don’t think I’ve eaten so much in one day!

I’ve been dying to go to The Boiler House for brunch. It has live jazz and I hoped the food could compare to what we had at our wedding. It was a buffet so I knew that would be asking for a lot. I wasn’t disappointed in brunch at all, the roast beef was medium rare, the bacon was crisp, and the eggs benedict was so good the first time around that I had to grab another one. It even had the runny yolk which I love. I had to make room for dessert and had a lemon curd tart and some pain au chocolat. I wish I had room for the chocolate tart and pecan pie. I didn’t even get to try the omelet station. For $25, it was an excellent meal. I ended up ordering a mimosa which was $10! I hope they used real champagne at that price.

Definitely worth visiting again. I’d also like to visit the Hot House again. I haven’t been there in ages and they have a waffle station. Mmm…

The Boiler House

I also had dinner with my parents and I was supposed to make a meal. It was to go with the crabs they were going to bring over and cook. I was relieved when they brought enough crabs that I didn’t have to make dinner.

I have had a serious craving for crab lately. Me being too gutless to kill them myself, I made my parents show me how it’s done so I could eat fresh crab and not have to do any of the work.

Avert your eyes from the rest of the article if me talking about killing live crabs is bothersome.

How to cook crab

I’m sure there’s a ton of ways in cooking this crustacean, but here’s how my dad did it:

– Choose live crabs. Pick lively ones and never pick dead ones. My parents advise to never buy frozen uncooked crab because you can never be too sure how long they’ve been dead for.

– Fill the sink with cold water and dump the crabs in.

– Steam the crabs. This is easier if you have a steamer, but if you don’t like me just take a large pot and put a small amount of water in it. You don’t want to fill the pot halfway and boil the crabs, just add enough water to get some good steam. Really salt the water. Let the water come to a boil then throw the crabs in. Make sure the crabs are upside down. My dad explained why and now I’ve forgotten. Put lid on and watch out for angry crabs trying to escape. I screamed and ran out of the kitchen while my dad threw in the crabs and put the lid on it. But really, it wasn’t that bad. I’m better prepared for when I actually do cook them next time.

– Crabs cook quickly. They’re done when it’s orange/a deep red.

– Drain crabs.

At this point the crabs are hot and you’ll want them to cool down for a bit. I grew up eating crabs plain with rice. I still think this is a delicious way of having them. The rice sops up the juices of the crab.

Or, just pick the crab meat out and use them in a dish that requires it.


– If the crab or part of it (such as the leg) smells funny, like a fishy kind of smell, it’s bad. Do not eat it.
– There’s white crab meat and brown crab meat. The brown crab meat is found at the top of the cavity. It’s that brown gooey stuff. Some people don’t like it because it’s rich and strong tasting, but I love it. This is what goes so well with rice. It would also add a bunch of flavour to any soup/stock.

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Magic Tofu Wrap

It was scorching hot awhile ago and with the day being so hectic (the wedding was days away) I suggested to go out for dinner at Fresh. Fresh is a vegetarian restaurant and they are really known for their juices and smoothies. I’ve only been there three times and it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for something tasty, healthy, and a casual environment.

Whenever I go, I always have a shake. If you go, you should too. Their beverage selection is very extensive and there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. The shakes start at $6 for 16 ounces and when I pair it with just a main I always have to take home leftovers. I appreciate that it comes in a compostable take out container. I don’t have a favourite shake because I always try something different. The Shamrock shake tastes minty and fresh, Blueberry Thrills hits the spot when you want a simple shake, and the Date Almond which Movie Man says it tastes like a pureed muffin.

I had the Magic Tofu wrap which had crispy tofu with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, grated carrot, and mayo (vegan) ($9). I find their portions big so I knew I’d be taking half of it home with me. That makes it pretty affordable to eat healthy. Smaller portions of some of their fresh bowls are also available. Movie Man had the Thai burger which he liked better than the Miso burger and our neighbour got the Black Bean Burrito which also got the thumbs up.

Their desserts are from Sweets from the Earth. We were all too full to have dessert, but I’ve had a couple of things from that company and they have all been very tasty in the foodie sense, not the “tasty for vegan food” label that people will sometimes put on foods that don’t quite match up to their omnivore standards.

The owner of Fresh, Ruth Tal has written a few cookbooks. My friend showed me one of her books and at that time I wasn’t too interested in it (I never visited the restaurant before), but now after having a few meals and their smoothies, I think I will pick up a copy. Especially since we’ll have a shiny new blender soon.

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I’ve been slacking on this blog scrambling to finish loose ends before I tied the knot.

I made the neighbour take pictures of all the food. You can thank her for these pro looking photos.

The favours that I (and others) slaved over turned out fabulous. Professional looking I’d even say:

Wedding Cookie favours

Movie Man’s name is finally exposed in teeny print. Richard a.k.a. Movie Man a.k.a. Husband

Originally I was going to make my Maid of Honour slave away and pipe the centres of all of these flowers. Lucky for her I’m a control freak and I ended up piping all the centres myself.

We had our wedding at Archeo which is in the Distillery District. Archeo is a trattoria, but for special events the food more closely resembles what their sister restaurant, The Boiler House would serve. What I really liked about having the reception here is that guests could pick what they wanted the day of the wedding instead of ordering in advance. The only dish that needed to be ordered in advance was the vegetarian meal.


Hands down this is the best wedding food I have ever tasted! Everyone raved about the food and the hors d’oeuvres (which I sadly didn’t get to try as all the guests inhaled them). The beef was superb and I think my new in-laws would like to visit The Boiler House for the food again.

Hot House Tomato and Vodka Bisque
hot house and vodka bisque

roasted organic chicken breast with buttermilk chive mashed russet potatoes and seasonal vegetables, red wine jus

grilled ontario corn-fed beef striploin buttermilk chive mashed russet potatoes and seasonal vegetables, green peppercorn jus

valrhona dark chocolate gateaux

Our wedding cake was from Dufflet’s. I refuse to bake my own birthday cake so I rely on Dufflet for their cakes. They did an amazing job, the cake was so good the husband and I pretty much ate the whole cake for the cake cutting event.

Wedding cake
Photo by our friend Emily

I got a few new kitchen things from the bridal shower and wedding and I’m excited to use them now that I have some free time again!

I was a pretty happy bride that day:

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