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Review: How to feed a family

I was really excited to receive How to Feed a Family
for review when I was pregnant. I also received this as a gift (signed by the author!). While my kid won’t be eating the meals in this book for awhile, I don’t have the same luxury of time to be in the kitchen for hours. It’s tiring work growing a human being, so a lot of the cooking was done by R. He can cook, but he doesn’t like recipes. His meals are much more laid back: grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, nachos and cheese, tuna melts or a frozen meal. While he is happy to eat that all the time, I need some variety. So I made him test out the cookbook.

He bookmarked a bunch of recipes to try which is always a good sign.

Apple and chicken curry was simple to make and the directions were straight forward. It’s quick enough for a weeknight dinner and the yogurt gives the dish a nice creaminess. It wasn’t too spicy so it’s very kid friendly. 2 chicken thighs didn’t seem enough, so we used more. I wish the weight for the chicken was given as pieces can vary in weight.

For an easy breakfast, I made the Oatmeal and Strawberry Blender Pancakes. Because all the ingredients are just thrown in, the batter comes together in no time. The pancakes tasted…well…healthy. I’m used to making fluffy, not very wholesome, but delicious pancakes on the weekend. I understand as a parent you want to feed your kids more nutritious meals. Would I serve these to my kids? Absolutely! Would I make them for a brunch with friends? Probably not. Balance is key so I would consider these as everyday pancakes and the version I usually make as a weekend treat.

The last recipe I tested was Risotto, Spinach and Kale Cakes with Parmesan. These are bite sized and easy to take on the go. Once I made it, I had to make it again that same week. Doubling the recipe and freezing it would make an easy last minute dinner option. I’d also mow down these as a snack. I usually take pictures of what I make, but none of the pictures turned out.

There’s a handy legend letting you know which ones are quick to make or my favourite, the ones that make little mess. I would have also liked to see a quick index for the legend. That way I can see a list of make ahead meals at a glance.

The book is geared to older children so you won’t see any first foods like purees. While I still have a couple of years before my baby will be eating any of the food in this book, I like how it’s fast and uncomplicated.

image courtesy of Random House

Thanks to Random House for sending me a review copy. As always, my opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation.

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A special birthday

Pumpkin Spice cake

Movie Man celebrated his champagne birthday on Saturday. Our neighbours came over to celebrate on Friday so Thursday I was busy baking bread and the cake and Friday was left for frosting the cake and doing everything else.

Here’s what I made:

– Making the Basic Hearth bread from The Bread Bible
Oven fries with garlic aioli. The garlic aioli was so simple and got HUGE raves from my neighbours. One of them started pushing the dip on others “Come on, you have to try the dip. It’s amazing, just try it!” Definitely try it with the smoked paprika. Mmm…just typing about it makes me want more.
– Caramelized onion dip with chives. Actually, Movie Man made this because I had run out of time and had to attend a workshop. The garlic aioli was finished first, but this dip also had a good chunk of it eaten.
Pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. A great moist cake with not too sweet frosting. I’d definitely make this cake again.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Movie Man was lucky this year, he got 2 cakes. We had to celebrate his birthday early with his family so I made a coconut cake with Martha’s seven minute frosting.

Coconut cake with Seven minute frosting

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