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Pumpkin Crunch bars


I’m being forced to tell you about these pumpkin bars. Ever since I made them, R has been telling me to put the recipe up. He will drop not-so-subtle hints like “You should post those pumpkin bars for U.S. Thanksgiving.” I also had people at my work request the recipe so it’s only fair of me to share it with you as well.

Like a pumpkin pie, you need to make the crust first and then the filling. The bars are easier because it’s just a press-in crust and it’s a better option for parties because you can eat it out of hand and cut the bars small.

The secret ingredient to these guys isn’t really a secret at all. It’s a lot of butter, cream cheese and sugar — ingredients that make almost anything irresistibly tasty. In the recipe you use one pound of icing sugar in the filling and I thought my teeth would fall out from eating one. It actually isn’t overly sweet, but you can always cut back the sugar if you want.

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Spicy Pumpkin Pie

Spicy Pumpkin Pie

I may have missed baking a pumpkin pie for Canadian Thanksgiving, but at least I’m in time for the American one.

This is from King Arthur Flour. Apparently Canadians prefer their pumpkin pies spicier compared to their American counterparts. I’m a fan of the spicier ones myself. Do you have a preference?

The flavours meld much better the next day. If I had to serve this, I’d make the pie one day in advance.

Recipe here.

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