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My favourite tea place

My new teapot

Do you have a store where unless you show some remarkable feat of strength you always come home with something? Tealish is that store for me. I have about 10 of their teas and I could be easily persuaded to buy more. Their tea lattes are amazing, my favourite being the Walnut Ave. Green tea latte.

Some of my favourite teas include:

Toasty Almond: I cannot get enough of this tea! It’s almost like juice, very flavourful.

Earl Grey Cream: I am not a black tea fan, but this tea changed my mind! An intoxicating smell and a delicious tea. The most requested tea when people come over to my place. They also have an Earl Green Cream available too which is good.

Patisserie: Another favourite of mine. It has a creamy taste to it.

If you have a chance, check out their store front. The people there are always so friendly and helpful (with over 130 teas, it can be overwhelming!). They also carry a wonderful selection of tea tins, teapots, and cups. I bought my first teapot there (as shown above) and they have classic cast iron teapots as well. I’ve also been eyeing the baby buddha bowls which I’ve wanted for awhile.

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