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Chocolate angel food cake

Chocolate Lover's Angel Food Cake

I love angel food cake. When I tell this to people they usually scrunch up their face. “Really?” they ask and I always give the same response “It’s like eating a fluffy cloud!” Angel food cake is not everyone’s taste, because there is no fat to tenderize the cake (angel food cake is made with all egg whites), a ton of sugar is needed to tenderize the cake. There is no recipe for plain angel food cake in The Cake Bible, so I tried the chocolate angel food cake.

The instructions for this cake is very simple. I’ve tried a Flo Braker recipe and it is painstakingly detailed including what temperature the egg whites should be. Considering how detail oriented Rose is, I’m surprised the instructions were so straight forward.

This recipe requires 16 egg whites. This is how my 6qt bowl looked like:

Whipping egg whites

If you don’t have a big stand mixer bowl, you may have to bust out your hand mixer and a very large bowl to make this recipe. Angel food cake also doesn’t make for the prettiest presentation (at least for me), it’s a very homemade looking cake.

Chocolate Lover's Angel Food Cake
It’s supposed to have deep cracks, like a souffle.

So how does chocolate angel food cake compare to the classic? I think if someone didn’t like angel food cake for its sweetness, this would make them a convert. This cake is moist and quite chocolatey, but not too intense. Even with my rough handling of the batter trying to get everything folded in properly, it didn’t turn out dense at all. It’s very good with strawberries. Would I abandon my classic angel food cake loving ways for this? No, I find the chocolate interferes with the plain sweet taste I love in the classic version. It’s still tasty and a great way to use up leftover egg whites.

Recipe here

– I put my granulated sugar in a food processor for super fine sugar
– I used a slotted skimmer to fold the batter
– I used pasteurized egg whites from a carton and didn’t have a problem with baking them

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