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Granville Island

Granville Island

Granville Island has a huge farmer’s market. I could spend a whole day visiting all the stalls, sampling all the food, and generally lazing about.

One place that really stood out here is Go Fish, a little stand that serves up some of the best seafood I have ever tasted.

Granville Island

I had a their special, scallop po boy sandwich that came with a side of coleslaw.

Granville Island

The sandwich is gigantic and with the restaurant being right on the water, the scallops were as fresh as can be.

R had their famous fish and chips and their soup of the day that was a curried seafood bisque:

Granville Island

We were pleasantly surprised with the soup. I wasn’t expecting much because I haven’t really had a soup knock me off my feet (exception: the one in Paris at Le Pre Verre) but this soup had me taking more and more spoonfuls. Who ended up finishing this soup? I’d rather not say.

The fish and chips really put to shame the ones I’ve tried in Toronto. It’s not even a fair comparison when fish is that fresh.

The line up to order is long and don’t expect to get a seat, you’ll most likely be sitting on the edge of the water with everyone else. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see the long line up.

Go Fish
1504 West 1st Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J1E8

Click below to see more pics of Granville Island:

Granville Island Granville Island Granville Island Granville Island Granville Island

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The first thing I put on my list of “must go to” restaurants was Vij’s. R is a big fan of Indian food and I knew he’d love it there. No reservations are taken and I was warned that the line up would be long, even on a weekday so we arrived 40 minutes early before they opened. The line wasn’t too bad then, but shortly turned into a line going down the block.

Once we were in the door we were quickly seated to a table and then came the free chai tea and round after round of free appetizers. Practically a meal in itself.

Here’s a picture of one of the free appetizers, I was too busy eating the others to take pictures:


For our appetizer, we ordered the yam, paneer, and cabbage kofta in pureed lentil curry:


For the main, I ordered the much raved about lamb popsicles:


And R ordered the sable fish (item not on the website’s menu):


I don’t think you can go wrong with any dish you order here. R’s been back there with friends and so far no meal has disappointed. I should also mention that the owner Vij is friendly and super nice (according to R who was lucky enough to meet hi. side note: Vij was the one taking his order!). R wanted to take a picture with him so that he could send it to me and Vij wasn’t bothered that it took such a long time to take a photo.

If you’re in Vancouver, you need to go to this place. Now that I’m back in Toronto, I’ll have to make some of his recipes from his book.

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Eating my way through Vancouver


I had the pleasure of going to Vancouver not too long ago. I have always loved Vancouver and it’s picturesque nature, but I’m more fond of it now after eating amazing food there. R has a temporary job in Van city so it’s me dining solo for the next few months.

There are just too many pictures to fit in one post, so expect more to come.

The first meal we had in Vancouver were…hot dogs. Gourmet hot dog stands seem to be everywhere in Vancouver and I suspect the trend will make it’s way to Toronto eventually. Organic beef hot dogs with sauteed onions? Cheddar and jalapeño hot dogs? Yes, please! The price for an organic hot dog was about $5-ish, but I felt it was well worth the extra cash for an organic (and bigger) hot dog.

Gourmet hot dogs

Being in Vancouver I also had to try Japadog. The name kind of says it all it’s Japanese style hot dogs. I tried the Kurobuta Terimayo, Bershire pork with Japanese mayo and shredded nori scattered on top. It didn’t blow me away as being the best hot dog ever (I preferred the other hot dog stand), but it was an interesting twist to the regular dog.


I also had my fill of seafood and sushi restaurants in Vancouver. You get huge slabs of sushi for an amazing price. Take for instance Samurai Sushi, a little hole in the wall sushi joint:

Samurai sushi

Sushi that befits the restaurant’s name. Fish so big it wraps around the rice and at a price point that won’t kill your wallet.

Juno had the best quality sushi I ate while I was there. The fish portions were smaller (and the dollar amount higher), but was balanced out by the quality. They also serve artisan sake from Artisan SakeMaker in Granville Island.

Juno sushi

Bin 942 is a tapas bar. The space is a bit cramped, but I’m okay with that because every dish we ordered was fantastic. The braised beef short rib was fall-off-the-bone and melted in your mouth. Of course I have no pictures to show for it. I was too engaged with wanting to eat the food, that R had to step in and take some shots with his iPhone.

We were supposed to go to Guu in Toronto, but on a Wednesday night the 2 hour wait was just too long for us. We were lucky enough to go to the one in Vancouver that had a much shorter wait. Sadly after waiting in the cold for 30 minutes, I found out we could have made reservations like the other people that waltzed right in. The food here is affordable while not skimping on quality, a winning combination for me.

Scallops at Guu


I loved the latte art at Caffe Artigiano. We frequented this place quite a bit. Mmm…Spanish lattes.

Caffe Artigiano

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Sushi 930

I think I’ve found a sushi place near me that is delicious, fresh, and not horribly expensive. Oh, and it’s mostly a take out joint too.

I had heard good things about Sushi 930 and as it’s close by, I wanted to try it out. The restaurant itself has a few tables, but the main purpose of this place is for take out. While it is on the pricier side for sushi, you can tell you’re paying for quality.

Here’s what was ordered:

Sushi #8 with whatever is fresh that day:

Sushi 930

Sushi-tsuki: tuna, salmon, white fish, yellow tail, crab, shrimp + California roll, cucumber roll + spicy salmon hand roll

Sushi 930

I also have an addiction to unagi so I got the Dragon roll (shrimp, tempura bits, avocado, cucumber + eel & avocado on top):

Sushi 930

All items were excellent, but the hamachi (yellow tail) definitely stood out as a favourite. It’s the type of fish that will melt in your mouth and even won the heart of R. This place is on my favourites list and I’ll definitely be frequenting it more often.

Sushi 930
930 King Street West
Toronto, ON

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Review: Rodney's Oyster House

I’ve been meaning to write a review about this place when I tried it out a year ago. Seeing as R’s birthday dinner was here, I should resurrect this post.

Rodney’s Oyster House is a great place to go if you’re a seafood lover. Specifically oysters and lobsters (they also have an awesome steamed mussels dish). The knowledge the staff has about the wines and food here is incredible. The server we had was so informative and helpful. He went over the taste of different oysters, the traditional way of eating them, and even chose a few beginner oysters for those who have never tried them before. Next time I’m back there I’ll have them pick out what’s best that day. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

What I really like about this place is that half sharing is ok so you don’t need to mow down a whole lobster to yourself (although I’m sure I could be persuaded to). This can make dining here relatively affordable. At $34.50 for a pound and a half of lobster, that’s $17.25 per dish which also comes with a side of fries. With the oysters we ordered, it was a satisfying meal.

I wish I took pictures, but I forgot to bring a camera which would have gotten dirty anyway as eating lobster is a messy job.

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