Hello, world (again)

It’s been a long silence on my end. I have 45 posts in draft mode and a number of them are cookbook reviews started in 2014. To be honest, life got in the way and more importantly I felt I was unable to live up to the expectations that I felt a food blog should have.

So I’m going to dial it back and do what I can. I still get excited when I get a cookbook and there are a ton that I’m looking forward to getting this fall.

In the mean time, this has happened:

We bought a house that was a fixer upper. This was the kitchen complete with appliances from the year it was built, 1980:


We’re still living in renovation mode, but the worst is over with. Walls were torn down and my dream kitchen was built.

And then this guy came along:

Baby A

Image by Cradled Creations

He’s almost 2 months old and it’s a completely different ballgame when you also have an almost 3 year old. All the time consuming recipes that I could spend hours in the kitchen? Not so much. Meal kit deliveries so we don’t end up eating cereal at night? Yes, please.

Hoping to share with you guys more frequently this time around.

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