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It’s always around this time of year when I want to break out the juicer. All the great citrus fruit is in season and I love fresh juice made from blood oranges. The juicer is also great for using up bits of random ingredients in the fridge. Just throw them together and see what happens.

I’ve had the Hurom for a couple of years now and intended to write about it. I had an archaic juicer when juicing was in vogue back in the early 90’s. It was so loud, it needed so much produce to make one glass of juice, and it was the biggest pain to clean.

It’s a masticating juicer so it crushes rather than spins the pulp to make juice. It doesn’t heat up the juice as much as centrifugal juicers so it claims that the enzymes and the freshness of the juice keeps for longer.

I found that the Hurom produced more juice than my old juicer. It also tasted fresher. It’s super quiet so you can use it in the morning without waking everybody in the house up. The pulp came out drier than my old juicer. You can always run through the pulp again to get more juice out.


The size of the machine is small and that makes it great for small kitchens. The downside is that the feeder can’t accept whole foods, or even large pieces. Everything has to be cut up relatively small which makes it a more time consuming process. Clean up isn’t too bad, you get a little toothbrush for the debris. If you want to make a different batch, all you need to do is run some water through. If you’re into wheat grass, this also juices it. Tip! Make clean up even easier by using a produce bag in the pulp container.


I find that the plug also sometimes comes out while juicing which is a bit annoying.

I wanted to try making cashew milk and the results were amazing! Be warned though, making your own nut milk isn’t more economical. But you can be assured that yours won’t have weird stuff in it like carrageenan.


After trying the cashew pulp it reminded me of cashew burfi/barfi and I had to make something similar. I could eat all of this in one sitting without even trying. Because of the excess moisture, it came out slightly sticky but you can sprinkle cornstarch on it to help absorb the moisture.



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One thought on “Review: Hurom Juicer

  1. Bob

    Very interesting, I didn’t know they make non-centrifugal juicers. Definitely learn something today.

    I gave my wife a juicer for xmas and we’ve been making juice very regularly. I really like home-made juices.

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