When the food you love doesn’t love you back

Roasted Fish with Lemon Relish
The original culprit: Roasted fish with lemon relish

It’s been quiet on this blog here lately. For the last while, the food I have loved has not loved me back.

It started 2 years ago when I made the dish above. Had it for dinner, noticed some tingling around the mouth but didn’t think anything of it. The next day I had the leftovers. It was the morning after where my face had swollen up. An allergy test noted that I had a slight almond and peach allergy. I tried my best to stay away from them.

Everything else was fine until about a month ago where I experienced allergic-like symptoms. Almost everything I ate felt like an allergic reaction. My lips burned all the time. How do you eat when it feels like you’re reacting to everything? It made enjoying food difficult. It made writing about food even harder.

A recent trip to the allergist to figure out what was going on showed that I am not allergic to anything. Not even the almonds and peaches I was diagnosed with. Strange.

My weird allergic reactions have finally stopped and hopefully it will stay away for good. As for the almonds I’ve been avoiding, I’m excited to welcome them back into my life.

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