One year and my Birthday

It’s been a wee bit over one year since I made the big move from Toronto to Vancouver. I’ve made some amazing friends, picked up a new sport (snowboarding!) and I’m still in awe when I see the mountains every day. It was a major adjustment getting used to the weather here. It was hard to handle the grey skies in the winter, spring…and part of summer.

My birthday passed a week ago and I was lucky enough to be taken to Minami for dinner. It’s the sister restaurant of Miku in Coal Harbour and located in Yaletown. It opened up recently and I wanted to try it, especially with the good reviews I saw. It did not disappoint at all. I can say that it is the best sushi I have ever had.

The prices for Minami are more expensive than what you can get at most sushi places in Vancouver (e.g. $25 for 7 pieces of aburi), but the quality that comes with it helps assuage the sticker shock. I like to think of this place as a splurge where you can treat yourself, but not too crazy where you can only afford to eat there once.

They serve aburi sushi (flame seared) that enhances the flavours of the fish. The use of charcoal imparts a slightly smoky taste to it.


Premium Aburi, a selection of Aburi sushi (Aburi Tenderloin Nigiri that I ordered is seen on the end)


Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi, one of the rolls that they’re known for. Pressed local salmon, jalapeƱo, miku sauce.


Aburi Saba Oshi Sushi, pressed mackerel, miku miso sauce

I’m used to just a scoop of some green tea ice cream or fruit for dessert, but the dessert here is just as good as the meal itself.


Green Tea Opera, Green tea sponge infused with espresso and Frangelico liqueur, green tea butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, azuki bean cream, green tea ice cream, green tea sauce

Minami Restaurant
1118 Mainland Street (in Yaletown)
Vancouver BC

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