Corn bread


If I hear a cook book is good, sometimes I will just pick it up without even looking through it to see if it actually suits me. Artisan Baking (aka Artisan Baking Across America) was one of those books.

This is a Serious Bread Baking book. I find this book intimidating as most of the recipes feel like they’re way out of my league. I felt the same way about The Bread Bible when I received it as a gift, but now it’s my go to book if I want a bread recipe. I feel like this book will be the same once I dive deeper into bread baking.

With corn in season, Hi-Rise’s Corn Bread looked easy enough to make. I liked how the recipe offered 3 ways to make it (by hand, stand mixer, or food processor).

This was amazing toasted and generously coated with butter. Toasting brought out the corn flavour, but be aware that the flavour is still subtle.

Recipe here

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