I had my fair share of baguettes in Paris on my honeymoon. I even went through a baguette and cheese withdrawal when I got back home. How could you not after having it every day for breakfast and for a snack?

I haven’t tried my hand at baguettes yet, but I wanted to use Maggie Glezer’s book, Artisan Baking. I bought this book on a whim with the rave reviews it got from other blogs, but it’s mostly sat on my shelf. Maybe it’s still too advanced for me?

Baguettes take a long time and it’s pretty much a whole day affair if you decide not to wake up at the crack of dawn. The end result is worth it, a crust that shatters once your teeth hit it and a nice chewy interior.

This is probably a bread to reserve for the weekend when you can dedicate your time to it.

Recipe here

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