Delicious Day

Sunday was filled with GREAT food. I don’t think I’ve eaten so much in one day!

I’ve been dying to go to The Boiler House for brunch. It has live jazz and I hoped the food could compare to what we had at our wedding. It was a buffet so I knew that would be asking for a lot. I wasn’t disappointed in brunch at all, the roast beef was medium rare, the bacon was crisp, and the eggs benedict was so good the first time around that I had to grab another one. It even had the runny yolk which I love. I had to make room for dessert and had a lemon curd tart and some pain au chocolat. I wish I had room for the chocolate tart and pecan pie. I didn’t even get to try the omelet station. For $25, it was an excellent meal. I ended up ordering a mimosa which was $10! I hope they used real champagne at that price.

Definitely worth visiting again. I’d also like to visit the Hot House again. I haven’t been there in ages and they have a waffle station. Mmm…

The Boiler House

I also had dinner with my parents and I was supposed to make a meal. It was to go with the crabs they were going to bring over and cook. I was relieved when they brought enough crabs that I didn’t have to make dinner.

I have had a serious craving for crab lately. Me being too gutless to kill them myself, I made my parents show me how it’s done so I could eat fresh crab and not have to do any of the work.

Avert your eyes from the rest of the article if me talking about killing live crabs is bothersome.

How to cook crab

I’m sure there’s a ton of ways in cooking this crustacean, but here’s how my dad did it:

– Choose live crabs. Pick lively ones and never pick dead ones. My parents advise to never buy frozen uncooked crab because you can never be too sure how long they’ve been dead for.

– Fill the sink with cold water and dump the crabs in.

– Steam the crabs. This is easier if you have a steamer, but if you don’t like me just take a large pot and put a small amount of water in it. You don’t want to fill the pot halfway and boil the crabs, just add enough water to get some good steam. Really salt the water. Let the water come to a boil then throw the crabs in. Make sure the crabs are upside down. My dad explained why and now I’ve forgotten. Put lid on and watch out for angry crabs trying to escape. I screamed and ran out of the kitchen while my dad threw in the crabs and put the lid on it. But really, it wasn’t that bad. I’m better prepared for when I actually do cook them next time.

– Crabs cook quickly. They’re done when it’s orange/a deep red.

– Drain crabs.

At this point the crabs are hot and you’ll want them to cool down for a bit. I grew up eating crabs plain with rice. I still think this is a delicious way of having them. The rice sops up the juices of the crab.

Or, just pick the crab meat out and use them in a dish that requires it.


– If the crab or part of it (such as the leg) smells funny, like a fishy kind of smell, it’s bad. Do not eat it.
– There’s white crab meat and brown crab meat. The brown crab meat is found at the top of the cavity. It’s that brown gooey stuff. Some people don’t like it because it’s rich and strong tasting, but I love it. This is what goes so well with rice. It would also add a bunch of flavour to any soup/stock.

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