Sunday brunch

Buttermilk waffles

Weekends are for getting up late. Usually breakfast happens closer to 1pm than 11am. Usually R is in charge of making breakfast. He rummages through the cupboards to find what random stuff can be thrown in eggs. Whenever I want something special like pancakes or crepes, I’ll step up and make breakfast. This time it was waffles.

I decided to make the buttermilk waffles from The Cake Bible. There is an errata in the equipment section, along with the waffle iron you will need a defibrillator. The recipe calls for (brace yourself) 16 tablespoons of butter (227g). The first time I made the recipe with the full amount and the batter had a butter pool on top of it. I dialed down the butter to 200g (I was planning on using less, but laziness got to me and I dumped the rest of my leftover butter), but I think for next Sunday brunch with our neighbours I will bring it down some more. My heart just can’t take it.

The waffles are very crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There is enough butter in this to not need anymore on the waffles. Even Beranbaum says “Please, no more butter!” in her notes section.

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