Sunday brunch with Friends

Outdoor space

I invited the neighbour friends over for Sunday brunch on the balcony. The balcony is covered and big enough to accommodate a large group which is great if it’s raining lightly outside. Of course, it was torrential down pouring so we did an indoor brunch instead.

I wish I took pictures, but everyone was busy eating and having a good time. I made a double batch of the buttermilk waffles from the Cake Bible and thought for sure there would be leftovers…I must’ve made 20 or so. Everything disappeared! The waffles seemed extra tasty this time around. I think because I used buttermilk instead of using milk with vinegar like I usually do. They were a lot lighter that R managed to eat five of them. I also reduced the butter to 180g instead of 227. I liked them this way but near the end I noticed the waffles started to stick to the waffle plates.

Of course once brunch was over the sun finally came out again.


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