Movie Man had his stag last weekend. I surprised him on Friday with some peanut butter cookies. I figured the people from his stag would eat most of the cookies — they ended up eating everything. Also, I think I am the first person to make cookies for their fiancĂ©’s stag.

Peanut butter cookies

I finally used my cookbook Martha Stewart’s Cookies (Costco is my new favourite place for cookbooks). In the instructions, it said to put heaping tablespoons and I think I was a bit too generous at first:

Gigantic cookie
Gigantic cookies. Also overdone.

As the condo was being taken over by men, I headed over to the neighbours. First up was seeing Laura Calder at The Cookbook Store promoting her book French Taste and doing signings. I got to tell her that her brioche was the very first bread I made (note: also done by hand) and we got to chat about that. She’s a lovely lady.

When dinner rolled around, my neighbour made some delicious leek, potato, and tarragon soup:

Leek, potato, tarragon soup

I served up some pavlovas for dessert.


The pavlovas would have been good with some whipped cream. Yum. I used the pavlova recipe from my Small-Batch Baking book as it was just the two of us.

The day after the stag I got to go on a cookbook binge — Movie Man’s treat. I got 3 cookbooks off Amazon. I won’t be getting them for about a month because of the slow delivery time which is ok because one of them is an ice cream book and my dress fitting is coming up real soon.

Recipe for leek, potato and tarragon soup here

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