The basics and how-to's

Rose Levy Beranbaum has just posted links on the basics of bread making. As with any Beranbaum literature, it’s really more than just the basics but a comprehensive article that looks at proper measuring, the different types of pre-ferments, recipes, storing the bread, and sourdough. Sourdough will be the bread that finally does me in on my no store-bought bread challenge (haven’t bought any since mid-November). I’ll be picking some up this weekend. Movie Man doesn’t see it as a failure as I tried to make my own starter for over a month and it just never got big enough. Maybe I’ll attempt it again after the wedding when the weather is still warm and I have one less thing to stress about.

Also, now on youtube are baking segments of Rose. Being a cake amateur, the ganache clip was mighty helpful giving me tips on how to frost the cake. Great information considering I’ve volunteered to make my neighbour’s baby shower cake. I’ve at least got time to practice so I’ll make the practice buttercream that’s in the Cake Bible so I don’t embarrass myself in front of everyone.

P.S. All my recent food pictures are on Movie Man’s recently deceased computer. So until he gets the computer back up and running, I’ll be posting some oldie but goodie pictures. I’ll also be posting a brown rice shortbread recipe if I can stop myself from eating it all (again) and take a picture. It’s addictive and probably my favourite shortbread (and I don’t like shortbread).

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