We all scream for ice cream

Homemade peanut butter ice cream

With Summer finally peeking its head (although the weather is a bit gloomy right now), my little hand crank ice cream maker has been seeing some use. In fact, I will be getting to know the ice cream maker when I pick up Perfect Scoop sometime soon. What sold me on this book was that there is a recipe that recreates my childhood favourite orange creamsicle.

My most recent creation is peanut butter ice cream that Movie Man requested. I used this recipe and it produced a nice rich ice cream. Homemade ice cream is heavy. Heavy and rich. It’s definitely the one scoop in a tiny bowl kind of ice cream. We have some store bought ice cream in the freezer (bought because of Movie Man’s impatience for waiting several minutes before scooping ice cream) and it doesn’t even compare to the homemade stuff.

I’ve been going through cartons of cream and I think we’ll have to switch over to making frozen yogurt to give the whipping cream a rest.

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