My first foray into cooking

Cashew chicken sans cashews

I still get nervous cooking, it’s not really my thing yet I love to try complicated recipes that take hours to make. I’m the kind of person that needs a recipe. Movie Man just looks in the cupboard and can make something out of nothing.

When I was living on my own I armed myself with non-intimidating cookbooks titled Clueless in the Kitchen and Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen! It was these books that helped me wean my dependence on tv dinners and the freezer full of processed food. Then channel surfing I stumbled upon her. She was funny, peppy, and made cooking look easy — she was Rachael Ray. Poor Rachael Ray, people either love her or hate her. I’m in the former group and her recipes are darn tasty. I never had Indian food until Movie Man and I made her Curry in a Hurry. We’ve made the dish so many times it’s been memorized.

The photo above is from Rachael Ray’s first book 30 minute meals. This is the dish I cooked for my friend which I happily cooked as meat is a rare item in this household.

Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake. I was in the mood for something dense and chocolate and this was it.


Recipe here.

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