Balsamic reduction, my new love

I normally don’t like the tartness of balsamic vinegar, but I am head over heels for reduced balsamic vinegar. Reducing the vinegar emphasizes the good qualities (and flaws) and you’re left with a sticky sweet syrupy substance. I used the technique that’s described here and it worked perfectly. You should use a good balsamic vinegar, but not TOO good. I was at a specialty store and asked how the balsamic vinegar reduces and got one of those looks people give when you’ve made a huge faux pas. So good balsamic vinegar for reducing, GREAT balsamic vinegar for salads and other non-cooking things.  I bought a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena at Whole Foods and it was relatively cheap (less than $5) and it produced a nice sweet syrup without any tartness.  I had mine on some meaty portobellos and it was divine.

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