Movie Man is finally home and his car was jam full of stuff that I asked him to bring back. Maybe I should be thankful that there isn’t a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Canada because I would accumulate kitchen gadgets much faster.

He arrived in the evening and I decided to make him one of his favourite meals, a Carrot Bisque from my Vegan with a Vengeance cook book. It’s rare that I make repeats of the same recipe, but this is great one. I made a big pot full and I thought that I’d have enough leftovers to give to my sister, but it vanished quickly. One of the cook books brought back was Veganomicon and once I cook up enough things from there, I’ll be able to give a review of the book. From a quick glance they’ve got some great recipes and I’m a huge fan of their Vegan with a Vengeance book. Movie Man would like to eat as meat free as possible so this book will definitely get a lot of use.

I have this thing for vegan cook books, I’m not too sure why I gravitate to them so much. I’m not vegan or even close to being a vegetarian but I have the same urge to collect these books like baking books (note: I am seriously coveting My Sweet Vegan — a vegan baking book). I think what I like best about them is that they’re great dishes/desserts to bring when you don’t know everybody’s dietary needs. I recently found out my newborn niece has a lactose allergy which means my sister can’t have any dairy either. Vegan baking is great for things like this. The Get it Ripe book which is coming out soon has also grabbed my interest as it offers gluten free and unprocessed/unrefined ingredients. Check out these brown rice shortbread cookies that’s on my “must make” list. Also on my must make list are these sweet potato fries. Movie Man’s mom made them from my VWAV book and they are mighty delicious.

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