Marshmallow attempt #1

Ever since I saw notmartha make marshmallows I have been wanting to make them, but never could as I didn’t own a standmixer. Now that Tinkerbell is here I’ve been waiting for the time (and the courage) to make marshmallows. The Nervous Chef gets especially nervous when recipe instructions involve pouring 230+ degree hot syrup into a mixer running at full speed.

The recipe then says to pour the mixture into the pan. I couldn’t pour it. It was more of scooping it into the pan. The result:

What could have happened?

  • I didn’t have a candy thermometer, I used a digital meat thermometer
  • I was so scared of accidentally pouring hot syrup on me that I poured it into a pyrex measuring cup and when I was pouring it into the bowl it already cooled down quite a bit.

I read the directions again. Water and gelatin – check:

Sugar, corn syrup, and water – check:

Wait a minute…did I add all the corn syrup? I look at my 1/2 cup measure and it’s bone dry. Apparently it’s best not to try and make marshmallows at 1:30 a.m. While my marshmallows are er…organic looking, they still surprisingly taste like marshmallows. They kind of remind me of the jumbo puff marshmallows I used to eat as a kid.

Making the marshmallows was a bit messy for me. I’m a very messy baker, but after sifting all that rice flour/confectioner’s sugar on the marshmallows, my table looked like Amy Winehouse had been partying here.

I plan on trying to make these again soon. I will not be defeated by this.

I used the smaller version of Brownie Points vanilla marshmallows. I sifted the rice flour/sugar combo on a greased pan and then tapped the excess out. I like the marshmallow recipes that don’t use eggs as those are best eaten within 2-3 days. Frankly, eating an entire pan of marshmallows is pretty disgusting. If I’m sacrificing flavour not including eggs, so be it.

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